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December 31, 2013
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Zygon Design by Kaduflyer Zygon Design by Kaduflyer
This was my first opportunity to redesign a classic Dr Who creature and what a great one to start with!! 
The original Zygons only appeared in one story way back in the 1970's but are none the less much loved by the DW fans so re-imagining them (like all the classic characters) carried a certain weight of responsibility. It made my job easier in that they were a fantastic design from the start and none of us wanted to change them too much. All I really did was bring them into the real world by giving them a more realistic and more muscular anatomy and I'm proud of the fact that my first attempt at them met with universal approval from the whole Dr Who production team.
Teaching commitments meant that I was not able to sculpt these bad boys but as usual the whole team at Millennium FX did a superb job and transferred my designs almost detail for detail into the wonderful suits seen in the 50th Anniversary episode.
I'm hoping they will make another appearance in the upcoming season.
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XenoEngine Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Professional General Artist
Amazing! Cool update on a classic. 
Kaduflyer Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Professional Filmographer
They were always a great design, just very poorly executed in the past. I regret not being involved in the actual build of the things, but think Millennium did a fantastic job and I just hope that in the future they get an episode to themselves.
Caberwood Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Yay for the Zygons! 

"Loch Ness,Harry!"
Kaduflyer Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Yeah…I love the Zygons too…shame their return to the show was so wasted in that awful anniversary episode!
Pimander1446 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Hello again, and happy new year, and valentines day, a bit late i know.
I finally catched up with the show here in my country! I avoided all kind of spoilers, thats why i was so Silent!  But finally, i can comment on this!
Sadly, i was unable to meet matt, though a friend of mine was lucky and could though... I guess it will be my big regret that i never could.

Amazing as always! Looking at this makes me wonder if iŽll ever be able to control Zbrush as wished, those suckers look amazing! And the rough looking skin at the sides of the head. I never know what can be done with the normal brushes of Zbrush, and what really needs alphas and special designed brushes

The orange dribble was really disgusting! I wonder if it also tasted weird, i never understand exactly how those effects work. And if they need to do a scene again and again, how much orange dribble is actually used? Those kind of questions are maybe a bit weird, i always have to think way too much when i see costumes and special effects.

Oh, and cause i finally saw the whole seven season, the 50s special and christmas episode (im gonna miss matt way too much)  I was able to watch on youtube the specials and how everything was done.
And i spotted you on a video, from episode Hide. I had to go back and say : Hey! Its David

So i was really wondering, if you was going to be on next season, and i think i read on a comment, that you would be going to supervise now! that really nice!
Kaduflyer Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Professional Filmographer
And a happy new (belated) year to you too! (and Valentines!)

Glad you enjoyed the last season…it had some great episodes, though personally I was a little disappointed in the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials and really hate that The Time Lords were saved by the Dr and not destroyed; it's taken the dark, sad heart from the character I feel and gives it a horrible Hollywood happy ever after ending (and would the Daleks be so stupid as to shoot their own ships when the planet vanished?…I think not!!). And then The Silence turn out to be 'genetically engineered confessors' (WHAT!!!!????)…so why did that act so creepy in previous episodes?…..ACK!….!!!!

The new season is shaping up very nicely though, with some cool creatures and great stories…I have very high hopes that this is going to be the best season yet, despite the sad loss of Matt (my favourite Dr ever!). I'm only supervising the creature build stuff. Which basically means I'm the artistic guide for Millennium FX. I'm actually building and designing much of what is made and over seeing and guiding the other artists involved. Obviously I can't give anything away but watch this space in a year or so for designs and behind the scenes pics.
I watched the 'Hide' behind the scenes video on YouTube…lol…it looks like they picked the only non rainy day to shoot that stuff….it was otherwise a very damp and cold shoot, with much standing around under umbrellas in the gloomy Welsh woods!

Like all my digital work the ZBrush Zygon designs were done very basically, using existing ZBrush brushes (I don't know how to make custom ones!). I kinda use ZBrush and PhotoShop exactly the same as I would traditional mediums (that's why I like em!) and don't go in for all that tricky digital button pushing and clever complicated stuff…I'm a sorta digital barbarian really!

Orange dribble…lol….all that kind of thing is always food based. Tinned fruit salad, all smooched up makes great vomit, honey or syrup coloured with food dye for blood and my secret recipe has chocolate biscuits, peanut butter and other stuff for hyper realistic, but totally edible poo! So for 'orange dribble' read orange juice and fruit! 
Pimander1446 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
Hahahah xD OH gosh. Looks like we both have same opinion about those last episodes. I prefered the silent as it was at beginning, that confessor story, somehow doesnt  fit that well in their character so suddenly.
What made them be so creepy at beginning then? A bit weird.

And i didnt like the Christmas episode, there were so many things that just didnt fit too much with the doctor, from my point of view... Dont know how to explain it, but i guess i had my expectations way too high there!
(And what he did to clara, breaking the promise twice, and leaving her alone again and again, while he stays in that town forever, somehow that didnt really make me feel very okey.)

And yes! XD The daleks shooting to eachother! Oh my. I was like : WHAT?! really?   makes me think of one of Genies (from disney, aladdin) lines : "Dont attempt to move, or we`ll be shooting ourselfs"
(Red Code Scene, 3rd movie)

From the Seven Season, my favorite episode were : The Snowman Christmas special, "Hide" and "Nightmare in silver"
And of course, every time Strax Appears! That guy is a lot of fun!

Oh! So matt was also your favorite! I really wonder, if he ever in the future, will make a cameo in the show again. That would be really sweet.
I see! I wish you a good season 8 with all that work youve got to do now supervising! This reminds me, ive been thinking of taking maybe a course about movie make up and design.  I got to say, talking with you so much about this all, helped me decide to give it a try, at least to learn a bit more about it!
Im maybe taking to many different courses, already voice acting, videogame design and animation... and now also Theater and movie make up (dont know its exact name in english, sorry).
Dunno if its going to be way too much, or if the experience could really be worth it in the future.

There were other videos, with everyone wearing umbrellas, for other behind the scenes! IT really rains a lot wherever you shoot! In my country... we wish it rained a little bit more. I guess im going to enjoy it when i go to UK to study in a year.

OH i see! I really need to keep touching the program then, and learn what those brushes can do! We now are using the Zbrush v6, guess its the newest version right now. A few more brushes were added there.
We ones learned how to do our own brushes and Alphas, but i already forgot about it!!  I use to be more traditional, than a digital expert. I usually end up collapsing and braking my computers and programs!
I guess i can also be called a digital barbarian after all!!  All those digital tricks, i never know how to work with all those options! Same with photoshop, of course! way too many tool, prefer working by hand with the most basic brushes and layers.

OH! So interesting! In halloween shops, there are blood bags and other effects, that really taste horrible, so i thought maybe it would be like that in the TV effects too. But looks like they at least get a nice taste everytime!
Hahaha XD The food sounds nice, the result doesnt so much, its pretty funny to imagine it.
And its really interesting!
Kaduflyer Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I'm happy that chatting here with me has helped you decide on a future career. A few years ago everyone was talking doom and gloom about digital effects 'taking over' from traditional make up and puppet effects but the truth is there is more work around now than there was ten years ago and there seems to be no end in sight to the current boom in FX laden movies. So if ever there was a time to learn this stuff now is it!!
You seem to have many interests; FX, animation, acting etc all of which take time and dedication to master, so you're going to have a busy future! Work hard and chase those dreams…and above all else have fun doing so!!

If you need and practical advice or help please feel free to contact me and I'll try and do my best to help you.

Pimander1446 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
I also talk with my mother about everything you tell me and "teach" me about your career and works. We are already looking for different places i could start learning. Sadly, the level is pretty low in my country. At least i hope to get the basics, for later keep on learning, hopefully outside, maybe UK if possible.
I hope to be able to start after summer, when im done with my Videogame and animation career here in spain.  IŽll take a whole year to finish my Voice Acting academy and try to start with make up and effects.

Yeah, i got many interests, and im not sure if thats very good. I got a lot to learn and not much time to do so. And im pretty slow at learning! Cause technology is my weak point, and its used for everything nowadays.
But thanks a lot! Ill try my best!

And thanks a lot for the offered help ^^ Ill keep it in mind! Its a big honor.

My mom even came with the idea, of asking to become an apprentice, but i already told her, thats not something you go asking like that around. And that i first need basics and learn on my own to be able to ask for something like that to anyone!   But it was funny hearing her say that. Made me smile.

Before i forget... may i ask you, how did you start 22 years ago, with your career? (or if you have it written somewhere, to read it) Cause id love to know, have a clue, how i should maybe start, or if there is a tip.
Kaduflyer Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Professional Filmographer
The closest thing we have to an apprenticeship is a trainee. Basically it's starting at the very bottom, cleaning up, making tea and assisting where needed. If you have any kind of ability you then work your way up into your chosen department; sculptor, mould maker, animatronics engineer etc etc. The snag is you HAVE to have some sort of ability even before you would be considered for a trainee position, no one's going to sit down and teach you how to sculpt for instance, we just don't have the time for that. You learn on the job only by watching others, assisting and practising in your own time. It sounds tough but then it's a tough industry to get into so this way ensures that those that get in REALLY have what it takes to survive: determination, perseverance and the ability to be self motivated and work hard.

I sort of stumbled into make up effects, it was never something I wanted to do or even considered doing when I was younger. I've always loved SF and fantasy and horror and originally wanted to be an illustrator. About in my mid twenties I tried my hand at sculpting and really took to it but had no idea how to earn a living as a sculptor. Then one day a friend of mine sent me some photos of some halloween masks he'd made. He's sent pictures of these to a company called Image Animation (the people behind the Hellraiser movies and many of the horror films in the 80's), he'd received a nice letter back complementing him on his work and he was very excited about it all. I looked at his work and thought (somewhat egotistically I guess) 'I can do better than that!' So I sculpted up some goofy looking monsters, photographed them and sent the pictures to the same company. I was invited up for an interview and offered a job. So I started out JUST being able to sculpt, draw and paint. I knew nothing of make up, or mould making or very much about make up effects at all really. All these other things I learnt by watching and assisting others…and working very, very hard!
I still chuckle to myself sometimes and wonder how the hell I needed up doing such a crazy job for a living…but I do live it and realise how lucky I am to do a job I still enjoy after so mangy years, getting up each morning to do! 
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